Gibson Massotherapy offers Distance Healing and/or Health Coaching over Zoom.

This Zoom (recommended), Skype, Webex, or phone session is an opportunity for us to connect and explore what your body, mind or spirit may be most in need of for healing in the present moment.

It may be something happening on a deep cellular level that comes into your awareness when we simply pay attention to it together. It could be your body’s reaction to emotional or environmental stress of some kind. We will be dialoguing throughout our time together, but we will also allow time for you to quietly feel, process, and integrate what comes up.

While we are not together physically, we will be connected in a deep energetic way throughout this session. My intention is to sustain a grounded and safe container so that you are able to achieve whatever is for your highest good. From a place of knowing and connection between your Inner Wisdom and mine, we will move at a pace and rhythm that allows you to deeply receive the information for maximum effect.

This is NOT me energetically coming into your space to do or change something. I will be supporting you with presence and intention as you bring awareness, energy, and healing into your body and mind.

Please call to schedule your session soon.

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