From Wayne

For more than 10 years I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain. This problem gave me constant headaches. I went to many different people to help me get rid of my headaches and make my pain go away or at least become more manageable. Over the years, I have taken physical therapy, botox injections, acupuncture, and different massages to help me deal with my problem.

Unfortunately, no one was really able to help me until I went to Randall Gibson.

He told me about Craniosacral Therapy. At first I was skeptical, but at this point in time I was willing to try almost anything. To my surprise and delight, the positive effect from Randall’s Craniosacral Therapy treatment was almost immediate. After only two sessions I noticed my neck and shoulder pain was significantly reduced and my headaches were much less frequent. I couldn’t believe it. After all these years, something was actually working.

After I told Randall about the results, he suggested we use a combination of different therapies going forward. He mapped out a plan for me and adjusted my therapies based on how my body was responding to these different treatments. Today, we continue to do the Craniosacral Therapy along with some additional therapies such as Neuromuscular Massages and Polarity Therapy.

Randall’s professional approach and expertise has helped me with a problem that I thought no one could treat. He has been wonderful to work with and I continue to go to him on a regular basis to help me continue to heal from my previous chronic neck and back (shoulder) problem as well as to maintain my general well being.

From Brianna

Since a car accident in 2009, I have been experiencing severe headaches, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Since I started weekly visits to Randall, I have seen major improvements in all four of those areas. Randall really listens to you and your body to form weekly individualized treatments, which for me included craniosacral therapy. I am continually amazed by the success of Randall’s craniosacral therapy. His magical touch leaves me feeling like an anxiety-free, RELAXED person. Without a doubt, my favorite of the week is the hour spent at Gibson Massotherapy!!

From Deb B.

I have had over 150 massages in my adult life, in many different disciplines. Massage is not a new experience for me, which makes my recent experience so incredible. A week ago, I received the best and most beneficial massage of my life, along with information to help maintain the curative effects.

I was a mess. I have been experiencing environmental toxicity, which resulted in severe physical issues. My physician had no solutions and told me, “I can only treat the symptoms.” It was not working. I was getting sicker on a daily basis. The doctor confirmed that my lymphatic system was not functioning to remove toxins from my body, resulting in toxic fluid retention and colonic shut-down.

Last week, I received my first therapeutic massage from Randall Gibson and my life has improved 100%.

Randall has the unique ability to read the body. He is so proficient in the healing arts that he can discern exactly what your body needs in order to heal. He does not merely go through the massage steps as learned in school, but intuitively knows what processes an individual needs to produce healing.

Most therapists follow the same format. Randall does not. He lets your body dictate the session. I have simply NEVER attained the results that I received from my session with Randall.

My lymph system has begun to function. I lost 5 pounds in one week. My colon, which would only function with a myriad of herbal concoctions, is now working like never before. I am truly in awe of his ability as a healer.

Want to feel better? Get well? Put yourself in Randall Gibson’s hands. Your life will change.

From Pam B.

I’ve had many massage therapists that I thought were doing great massages but until I found Randall I never realized that the other massages I had were only mediocre. Randall’s massage was by far the best. His attention to where you need adjusting is phenomenal. I’ve also had craniosacral and it greatly improved the mobility in my neck. I would highly recommend a massage by Randall. I’ll never go anywhere else!

From Pam H.

Hi Randall, Thought I would send you a Touch For Health progress report. I feel great today. Had the best night of sleep last night. Woke up this morning feeling alert and did not have any of the usual aches/pains that I normally have from sleeping. In addition, my friend made a mistake in telling me the meeting I had today was cancelled but, it is not, so I have to go into work instead of working from home. Normally I would be upset but right now I feel no anger. Everything feels in balance. I wish I could have TFH on a weekly basis. Thank you for the extraordinary work you do.

From Sharon

I’ve lived with migraines and neck pain for more years than I want to count until I came to Randall Gibson for a craniosacral massage. After a number of treatments the neck pain and migraines fell away and I was left with a feeling of exhilaration: being pain free, no migraines. To anyone who has migraines or neck pain I would say, don’t suffer! Get your life back by seeing Randall, he’s worth the trip.

From C.P.

Randall has been able on several different occasions to immediately relieve very painful, incapacitating conditions in myself–conditions that other therapists and other treatments did not help. I was flabbergasted each time by the way he effortlessly dissolved the pain, and the aplomb he displayed that marks an expert and veteran healer. It was obvious that he has been doing this for a long time, and very successfully. By the way, the people who failed to relieve me were highly credentialed and experienced in pain therapies. And one of them was myself!

From Deb

I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful results I experienced from our first session of Craniosacral Therapy. I suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis in my spine. I never go a day without back pain or headaches of some kind.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was when, after our first session, I went for five whole days without any pain. Five whole days!! I cannot remember when was the last time I was able to say that. It has been years.

For someone like me who has been in constant low to medium grade pain, your therapy was like a ray of sunshine or a beacon of hope. Thank you so much for what you do, Randall. I’m so happy I found you!

From Harvey

Just wanted to drop a line to talk about how thrilled I am that I began to come to you for what always seems to be a truly therapeutic massage.

We’ve done ‘regular’ massage, craniosacral therapy, touch for health, and seemingly some other techniques and points of focus have slipped in along the way, all of which have been just wonderful.

No matter how I start out, how stressed, distracted, or out of synch I am… even feeling that way, sometimes, through much of the massage, without fail, by the time we’re done, I’m in a totally different state, sometimes wondering if I’m going to be able to drive home. I always have been so far!

As I see you constantly attending courses of study, I’m confident that as I get older, and have various dilemmas sprout up you’ll know how to deal with them or know where to go to research and ultimately, aid me.

From Holly

Randall, I’m so excited to share with you the following: Even though I didn’t feel much different after the session, as time flowed (within only a few hours), my back got better and better! AND even more exciting was the amazing rush of energy that kept flowing over and around my head and upper body. It was incredible really! I even went to yoga this morning; haven’t had any pain relievers since yesterday morning. Yesterday, I was not on track for that!

Thanks so very much and have a great rest of the weekend!!!!

From Anne

After years of receiving massages at various places, such as the Ritz Carlton in Florida, on a cruise ship in the Bahamas, in Jordan at a Turkish spa, and here at home in Ohio, I have found that Randall Gibson is the best massage therapist that I have met. He is professional, courteous, calming, and has the best healing touch that I have ever experienced in a massage therapist. I very much appreciate Randall Gibson!!!!

From Dave

Due to the position I had to be in during my heart surgery, my rotator cuff was torn. Five years later it got so bad I could not throw a ball to my grandson. Randall worked on it several sessions and a year later I can use my arm to do anything I could before surgery…amazing…and no pain!! A great massage every time!

From Eva

I have been seeing a Chiropractor for over two years and a physical therapist for six months for neck, shoulder and hip pain from an automobile accident. My first Massotherapy session with Mr. Gibson corrected more medical problems than all the chiropractic and physical therapy combined. It was extremely beneficial and truly awesome. My choice from now on will be to continue under Mr. Gibson’s care.