This work is my passion. I always try to keep focused on service and healing, so the price of a therapy session hasn’t changed in over a decade. It’s become clear that an update is needed. This June, I am implementing a modest increase of $10 for each one-hour session. Other fees will adjust accordingly. Thank you for visiting!

New Rates ~ beginning June 1

Gratuities are not accepted

$45 for thirty minutes

$68 for forty-five minutes

$90 for sixty minutes (Recommended for most therapies ~ Initial Visit is $45 for sixty minutes)

$115 for ninety minutes (Built-in Discount!)

Discounts that are available for one-hour sessions

$72 (20% off) for senior citizens (age 65+) Senior Price has NOT changed!
$72 (20% off) for licensed massage therapists

Maximize your savings with a medical referral:
Please bring a note from your medical doctor, dentist or chiropractor recommending massage therapy. Without a note, Ohio sales tax applies and an additional 6.75% must be added to the price of any session.

Packages are available

Buy 5 ~ Get 1 FREE  (60-minute sessions) = $75 per session

Buy 5 ~ Get 1 FREE  (45-minute sessions) = $56.66 per session

(Prices do not include sales tax. If no medical referral, add 6.75%)


Call or email anytime.