Hours are by appointment and may range from 8am to 8pm on weekdays. Some Saturday mornings and afternoons are also available. You can check rates and availability as well as schedule appointments up to three months in advance by phone or by using our online scheduler: https://gibsonmassotherapy.fullslate.com/


Integrative Massage Therapy is a personalized blend of therapies which can include: craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy (energy medicine), shiatsu (acu-pressure), Kinesiology (muscle testing), neuromuscular massage therapy or relaxation (Swedish) massage techniques.
Randall Gibson specializes in craniosacral therapy. Home visits are not currently available.


Workers Compensation is accepted / Gratuities are not accepted

$20 for each fifteen-minute segment

$40 for thirty minutes

$60 for forty-five minutes

$80 for sixty minutes (Recommended for most therapies ~ Initial Visit is $40 for 1 hour)

$100 for 90 minutes (Special Price!)

Discounts are for one-hour sessions only

Discounts are available for senior citizens (age 65+) and licensed massage therapists.
To enjoy one of these discounts, please have a doctor’s note that eliminates sales tax.

Please bring a note from your medical doctor, dentist or chiropractor recommending massage therapy. Without a note, sales tax applies and an additional 6.75% must be added to the price of any session.

Payment Options

Cash, Checks, Mobile Apps, Major Credit Cards, PayPal and Workers’ Compensation are accepted. Payment is due at the end of the session. Gratuities are not accepted

Returned Checks

A twenty-dollar ($20) fee will be charged for a check that is returned by the bank.

Missed Appointments

24 hours notice is required for cancellation. If you miss your appointment or cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled time, You will be expected to pay for the session. The time was reserved for you, and others may have been turned away. If the time slot is filled at the last minute, you will not be charged.

Late for Appointment

Since only a certain amount of time is reserved for you, your late arrival means that your appointment will be shorter. The cost will remain the same as originally scheduled.


Call or email anytime.