Gibson Massotherapy offers quality massage therapy in West Akron (Fairlawn), Ohio. Massage is actually one of the oldest forms of healing, dating back at least three thousand years. With the current popularity of alternative medicine, Americans are finally joining the rest of the world in acknowledging and using this natural approach to healthcare.

Massage as manual medicine, for pain relief or emotional healing, incorporates many different methods. Some therapies focus on the nervous system or connective tissue network while others concentrate on circulation or muscle tone. Still others influence meridian energy flow or encourage emotional insight. Review the “Services” page for therapies offered by Gibson Massotherapy. On this page we discuss Swedish massage.

Please note that Randall is currently doing very little Swedish massage
as he focuses on advanced craniosacral methods.

Relaxation Massage (Swedish Massage for Stress Reduction)

Swedish Massage is what most people think of when they think of massage. Muscles are kneaded, manipulated, rubbed and stretched. The goal is to increase circulation to all parts of the body, cleansing toxins from the tissues, encouraging tense muscles to relax and generally bringing the client to a state of peaceful euphoria. A full body “general” massage or relaxation massage has been shown to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and depression, enhance athletic performance and improve sleep. It could, and probably should, be a cornerstone of your health and fitness program. It also provides an opportunity for your massage therapist to examine and assess your entire body. Small imbalances can be identified and corrected before they become real problems.

Deep Tissue Massage

An experienced massage therapist can adjust his or her pressure to suit the needs and preferences of each client. Massage practitioners working at resorts and spas often use very light pressure so they can work on many clients each day. At these facilities, if someone wants more pressure, they may be charged extra for “Deep Tissue Massage”, which is really just a good massage rather than light stroking. At Gibson Massotherapy, you always receive a good massage, with pressure perfectly tailored to your needs.

An Added Bonus

Randall Gibson’s wealth of training and experience allows him to incorporate advanced, integrative techniques into every massage. Each session becomes a completely individualized experience with the potential for profound healing. You will only find that level of skill at Gibson Massotherapy so take this opportunity to explore massage therapy in West Akron / Fairlawn, Ohio. Call today!

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