Gibson Massotherapy offers Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) in Fairlawn, Ohio. NMT is sometimes called neuromuscular therapy, myotherapy or trigger point therapy. It is a clinical or medical massage approach that involves varying levels of concentrated pressure on specific areas of muscle spasm in order to relieve pain.

A neuromuscular massage therapist is specially trained to understand how the nervous system affects the musculoskeletal system and how to correct problems in that relationship. Injury, postural distortion and emotional stress can over stimulate the nervous system causing a cycle of pain and spasm which can be successfully resolved by neuromuscular therapy.

Some of the primary issues which are specifically addressed include:

  • Ischemia or lack of blood supply to certain tissues
  • Nerve impingement or compression/pinching of a nerve
  • Trigger points or areas of hyper-irritability is soft tissues which refer pain to other areas
  • Postural Stress or distortion and imbalance
  • Hypertonicity or tight, shortened muscles which can cause pain and misalignment
  • Adhesions or scar tissue which can cause muscles and tissues to become “stuck”
  • Faulty Biomechanics or unhealthy, dysfunctional movement patterns

NOTE: Randall currently uses NMT as an adjunct to other, more primary therapies.

It is a simple matter to blend neuromuscular massage therapy with other techniques or approaches. At Gibson Massotherapy, you can get evaluated by an experienced professional and receive the therapy or combination of therapies that will be most effective for you at that point in time. Make an appointment to experience neuromuscular massage therapy in Fairlawn. The multitude of treatment options makes Gibson Massotherapy the best choice every time.

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