Gibson Massotherapy offers Touch For Health in Fairlawn, Ohio. Touch for Health Kinesiology (TFHK) is a dynamic synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches to working with the body, which can help us to reach our goals in health, performance, work and relationships.

TFHK is a truly wholistic system. It works with the structural, chemical, energetic and emotional aspects of the body. A muscle which tests “unlocked” or “weak” is usually associated with dysfunction in a particular acupuncture meridian and its related organ or system. This muscle response test can identify key imbalances, while they are still easily correctable. It also provides a way of testing for food sensitivities, emotional issues, and almost anything with the potential for affecting our life energy. The result can be fast, effective relief from physical or emotional stress and pain.

Goal Balancing

Another aspect of this approach is the removal of energetic and emotional blocks that are keeping us from achieving our goals and dreams. Touch for Health Kinesiology can literally help “re-program” our system for health and success. Explore the world of kinesiology by trying Touch For Health in Fairlawn, Ohio.

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