At Gibson Massotherapy, our Integrative Massage Therapy blends different methods according to your needs. You might choose to focus on shiatsu therapy (acu-pressure) to relieve pain. Craniosacral therapy can leave you in a profound state of relaxation and help to release emotional stress held in the tissues. Polarity therapy is an energy healing method that can facilitate balance on many levels. These techniques can all be experienced fully clothed and they are all excellent ways to reduce stress. If you are simply interested in finding the best therapeutic massage in town, that is available as well. The key is knowing which method is best for you.

When you come in for each appointment at Gibson Massotherapy, you will receive a personalized session designed to help you achieve your goal. The location is convenient for Akron, Fairlawn and Copley, Ohio residents. Why not schedule a visit now?

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Massage FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

An Integrative Massage Therapy session can include any or all of the following techniques.


Hours are by appointment – Weekdays, Evenings and Saturdays are available.

Hours begin at 8am Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat / 9:15am on Monday and 10:45am on Wednesday
Click the “Schedule Online” button at the top of the page and select a service to check availability.

Rates (gratuities are not accepted)

    • Integrative Massage Therapy – Massage, Shiatsu or Craniosacral Therapy
    • Methods such as craniosacral therapy and shiatsu can be expertly blended to meet your needs.
      • $80 for 60 minutes (Recommended length) ~ (Initial 60 minute visit is Half-Price!)
      • $60 for 45 minutes
      • $40 for 30 minutes
      • $20 for each additional 15 minutes
    • Blend of Therapy and Massage
      Enjoy a 90 minute relaxation massage or include any therapy along with your massage.
      • $100 for 90 minutes (The best of both worlds at a discount!)
    • Goal Balancing
      • $60 for approximately 45 minutes (Schedule it as a 45 minute therapy session)

      Set a goal and program your nervous system through Touch For Health Kinesiology to help you achieve it. This involves manually testing 14 muscles (with their associated acupuncture meridians) then correcting any weakness or imbalance while keeping a specific goal in mind. It’s like a mind/body tune-up around that particular goal. Imagine being able to clear out all the internal obstacles to health and success!

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Payments Accepted

Cash – Check – Major Credit Cards – PayPal – Workers’ Compensation


  • For your comfort and convenience, Gratuities are not accepted.
  • Discounts are available for senior citizens (age 65+) and licensed massage therapists.
    • Discounts apply to one-hour office visits only and require a doctor’s referral note.
  • To eliminate Ohio state sales tax, please bring a written order from your M.D., Dentist or Chiropractor for massage therapy. If you call your doctor and ask for one, he/she should be happy to comply. It should NOT have a set number of visits. It can say something as simple as “Recommend massage for stress reduction”.
  • Without a note, massage is subject to sales tax in addition to the above prices.
  • Questions about Gibson Massotherapy services? Contact us.